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Mozambique yacht charters operate among the 37 islands of the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, east Africa. Yacht charter offered are diving and fishing, as well as general island cruising yacht charters and sailing holidays.

These are private charters where you charter the whole boat for your group of friends or family with a skipper, deck hands and chef on board to cater for your every need. All the yachts are professionally crewed and fully licensed with all the required certification.
All yachts are chartered on a whole yacht basis and can accommodate from 1 to 8 guests depending on the yacht

Experience the pleasure of a yacht charter adventure at its best. Spend time aboard well equipped, purpose-build charter Catamarans. Dive, Snorkel, Cruise, Fly Fish, Fish or explore the warm clear waters surrounding selected Indian Ocean Islands.

Charter yachts in African waters are all owned by private individuals and operated for the purpose of offering yacht charters holidays; and as such not all our yachts are identical. Yacht Charters in the African region are very different to the rest of the world. There are no mariners here with a dozen identical yachts waiting to be chartered.

Yacht and island resort combo in the Quirimbas and Bazaruto

The options for combining a yacht charter and spending a few days at one of the many island lodges are numerous. These options are ideal for clients who want to experience both a yacht cruise and the luxury island lodges, or those who prefer the idea of an island based holiday but would like to taste the island hopping cruising experience.

You can easily combine any one of our yachts with islands and lodges in Bazaruto, Quirimbas or the Zanzibar regions.

You will have the chance to cruise and explore the islands and then the yacht will drop you off on the beach of your chosen islands lodge or resort.

There is a minimum of 4 nights required when charting a yacht, and an ideal combination would be:
5 nights yacht & 2 nights lodge
7nights yacht & 3 nights lodge

...but the choice is yours!

We offer a range of unique yacht or island / land based fishing holidays that can combine fishing, safaris, watersports, cruising, sailing, island hoping, exploration and cultural interaction and discovery in areas where you won’t be sharing the water with hundreds of other yachts or fishermen.

In Africa you will have her ocean and islands virtually to yourself! For people looking for a fishing based holiday with a difference, this is it!
The world is starting to realize that Africa, from the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean and the kelp forests of the Atlantic to the mighty rivers and lakes of its interior are some of the richest, most biologically diverse environments on earth and offer some of the greatest, untouched and exciting fishing in the world.
There is no destination, no matter how hard you look that can compare with Africa

Scuba Dive Charters

"It seems only fitting that just as terrestrial Africa with its lions and elephants, rhino and zebras has come to hold an iconic allure, this underwater Africa should also be seen in a similar vein: the Serengeti of the Seas"  (National Geographic)

Africa, until now has primarily been marketed as a land-based safari destination. Its oceans and marine environments have virtually been ignored and there is little awareness of Africa and its Indian Ocean Islands as a dive destination among the world’s general dive community.
But things are starting to change! The world is starting to realize that the African coast, from the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean to the kelp forests of the Atlantic is one of the richest, most biologically diverse marine environments on earth.

Infact in the most recent edition of the Dive Atlas of the World: An Illustrated Reference to the Worlds Best Sites written by Jack Jackson destinations that were included were Cape Town and diving with the Great White Sharks along with South Africa's Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks and Sodwana Bay. In Mozambique Ponta do Ouro, Bazaruto Archipelago and Inhambane as well as Tanzania's Mafia, Zanzibar and Pemba Islands were included.

7 night Quirimbas island cruise itinerary

The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of over 30 islands, stretching north to south along the coastline of Northern Mozambique. The 5 main islands are Ibo, Quilalea, Matemo Medjumbe and Vamizi Island, with the other 27 islands remaing largely unexplored and uninhabited. The island of Mogundula listed here, is just one example of what the other 27 islands are like.  

Your cruise will take in most, if not all of the main islands, plus, time permitting many other islands like uninhabited Mogundula.


Day 1: Arrive in Pemba, meet and greet assistance and transfer to yachts. Briefing and set sail for Quirimbas Archipelago. Depending on arrival time / departure dive same afternoon and fish while underway to overnight anchorage. Overnight at Tari Bay. Great snorkelling, diving, fishing and mangrove kayaking.

Day 2: Wake to coffee / tea and a light snack before diving or any other activities you prefer. Return to breakfast and a 2nd dive if you wish. After breakfast set sail north to Quilalea region for overnight anchorage. En-route we can stop and explore Quisiva Island and its old fort. Dive sites and game fishing can be enjoyed along with all other activities.  Overnight in the lee of Quisiva Island or depending on conditions we head further north to Quilalea Island.

Day 3: An early start, depending on where we moored overnight and set sail for Ibo Island. Explore Ibo Island and its history and enjoy mangrove kayaking, bird watching, historical tours of the island, cultural interaction. Overnight in the lee of Ibo Island

Day 4: Rise to coffee / tea and light snack before heading to Matemo and Rolas Islands. Explore Matemo and Rolas Island, dive and fish and spend some time at the island resort on Matemo Island.

Day 5: Medjumbe Island
Explore Matemo and Rolas Island, dive and fish and spend some time at the island resort on Medjumbe Island Island.

Day 6: Medjumbe Island
Overnight sail back to Matemo Island

Day 7:Spend the day at Matemo enjoy all the activities on board.Late in the evening while guests are sleeping the yacht will sail overnight to arrive in Pemba in time for a late morning departure for Pemba airport.

Day 8: Arrive in Pemba mid morning for departure.