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The right ride, the right thrill, the right country: South Africa.

Kaapstad.org rents out cruisers to experience South Africa that bit closer. Complete with helmet and even other gear you desire. Ensure that you have the right clothing to suit the machine. Latest models.
License with minimum 3 years experience is required.

We have Harley Davidson, BMW or any other brand available, with or without driver.

We offer custom made biker itineraries for both individual as group travellers. Kaapstad.org can organize your motorbike route, support vehicle with trailer and any suitable accommodation.

Freedom, ride one of the 25 fully restored Changjiang CJ750 sidecars in the Cape Town area. These vehicles are a version of the German 1938 BMW R71 sidecar, famous for its succesful campaigns during the Second World War. After the occupation of Berlin, the Russian army got hold of the bleuprints and sold it later to the Chinese Red Army which made use of these vehicles between the mid 1950's and the mid 1970's. You have the option to drive yourself or with driver. Each sidecar can transport two adults. This is fun as well for families with children. Riding gear is available.