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Sport & Activités

Une Petite selection



Promenades: des promenades de quelques minutes et plusieurs jours, convenant pour tous.


Evénements: les concerts de stars internationales, de théâtre et de ballet, sports ... contactez-nous pour une liste d'événements.


Observations des Baleines


Voyages de Ballon


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Naviguer en bateau Cape Town navigation sur l'Océan Atlantique.


Helicopter au-dessus du Cap, des Routes de Vins ou de la péninsule du Cap ou la Route Panorama?

Horse riding Kaapstad.org offers packages for the horse lovers. Explore South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia in the sadle. zadel. Kaapstad.org biedt reispakketten voor de liefhebbers van paardensport.

Please ask us to put a package together based on the horse riding sport. This is possible for both advanced and novice riders.

You can enjoy a ride with horse and carriage in the Cape Winelands, a very romantic way for a succesfull holiday!

Choose from a variety of jet flight profiles; ultra high, supersonic, aerobatic, surface-hugging, formation or a combination of these. Whatever the nature of your fighter jet flight dream is, we will make it happen for you! Fly a British Aerospsace Buccaneer, Hawker Hunter, Electric Lightning...all possible from the Cape Town International Airport.



"Fab, fab, fab! The Boulder's Beach trip was great. Close-ups with whales, encounters with penguins, exciting conditions and great and humourous leadership, this was a trip we will remember for a long time." Sea Kayak trip in Simon's Town, an exceptional experience on its own!


Ballooning in the Cape Winelands, the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, over the Victoria Falls in Zambia or the Magaliesberg near Johannesburg. Maximum 5 people per flight.



Cape Town big game fishing or in the Indian ocean. Catch yellow tail, shark, marlin, tiger fish, troat...

Luxury charter boats as well as for cruising, shark viewing and crayfish 'braai' (barbecue) on board. Throughout South Africa and the coast of Namibia and Mozambique.



A dream come true for any man! Three racing tracks in South Africa offering rides with  Reynard, Birkin S3, CAV GT, CAV GTR, Ashley APV 347 IS and Jordan F1 racing cars...

Itineraries possible for individuals and groups! jackie@kaapstad.org


Aero Sports in South Africa: microlight, paragliding, delta wing, parashute jump...



Day trips or multiple day kayaking, white water rafting on the Orange River or on the Zambezi near the Victoria Falls...?


Shipwreck diving in the Cape...reef diving in South Africa and Mozambique.

jackie@kaapstad.org or Dive and Snorkel


Other activities:
  • Mountain biking

  • Hiking excursions (guided)

  • Quad biking

  • Big Game hunting in South Africa and Namibia

  • Elephant back rides or touch the giants

  • Astronomy

  • Bungee jumping

  • Driving down the dunes in the Namib Desert

  • Soweto Mountain Bike excursions (guided)

  • Township visits

  • Shebeen visits

  • Daytrips and multiple daytrips (guided)



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